It’s hard to pick the right company that you not only trust but one that you trust coming into your home. We picked Blue Ribbon because of John Devlin, he came into our home, my wife and I explained to him what we would like to do, he took notes, and explained the manner in which Blue Ribbon operates. There was no ‘sugar coating”, which I respect, straight forward about what could and could not be done, and the cost involved. It was nice to have all the trades come to the house to review on site what part they would play in the room addition and complete Kitchen overhaul, Chevy was the assigned Project Manager, with whom I can’t say enough positive things about, the Trades were very professional as well. Blue Ribbon, John, Chevy, and the trades exceeded our expectations, yes we had a couple of bumps along the way but, Chevy and Blue Ribbon went above and beyond to not make things right, they made things Much Better than right. 1st class operation, HIGHLY Recommended