Announcing….”Not So Big Remodeling”…Now in Paperback

I’m pleased to announce that Not So Big Remodeling has just been released in paperback, featuring a new introduction that’s tailored to the post-recession economy. Although this book has sold well in hardcover, I’ve been convinced for some time that once the economy starts to turn around, there will be a much bigger audience for the ideas that the book contains. I believe that time has come.

I’m hearing from architects, designers and remodelers that their workloads are beginning to increase again, and it appears that things are looking up for many of us involved in the world of house remodeling.  This book is designed to help homeowners understand the possibilities for remodeling in a Not So Big way, either by staying within the home’s existing footprint, or adding on a little if necessary.  It’s about how to do more with less, how to use every dollar available more wisely, how to improve energy efficiency, and how to prepare to work with the professionals needed to help realize a remodeling project.

I’ve loved hearing from homeowners, architects, designers and remodelers about the benefits of using this book in accomplishing their various remodeling projects, and am excited about the potential of the paperback to help even more people save money while improving the quality, character and functionality of their existing homes.

Please help me spread the word. If anyone you know is thinking about remodeling in the not too distant future, they need this book.

And architects, designers, and remodelers, this book is intended to make your job easier by priming your clients and customers ahead of time, so they know what to look for and how to think about their projects in a Not So Big way.


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Below are pictures of the B4 and after demo on a project that we just started in the Swift Creek area of Raleigh, NC.  This project includes removing a rotting simple sun room that was added a while ago by one of the nationally recognized “Professional Sun-room Companies”.  The demo was swift because the existing structure was so rotted.   As you can see from the photos, the old sun room is now history.  The masons are scheduled to begin their work to expand the foundation to now include a new heated and cooled room with a new laundry room to the right and a new deck on the left.  Please stay tuned for more exciting photos and updates on this neat project.

The old rotting sunroom is gone

Sunroom Addition before construction