We get the job done!

Recently, we were tasked to complete a bathroom renovation in time for our client to have weekend guests.  Following is the email and photo we received from a very satisfied customer:

Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated Derrick and all the associated crews who met the deadline on our bathroom remodel. Our “drop dead” time was set for 3:00 pm on Friday. Despite a few delays, the last of the work ended at 2:53 pm and by 3:30, everything was clean and ready to go, including the hall, bonus room and stairs. What a squeaker! OK, a couple of things are yet to be handled, but it was perfectly functional and looking good when our guests arrived – fortunately, they ran a little bit late, too. At 8:00 am that morning, I had my doubts, but your guys got it done.
Please tell Derrick how much we appreciate his sweating through this one.
Thanks, again.
Marla and Gary
P.S. Just thought you would like to know that we had a “Plan B” – in case the bathroom project was late. See attached.




What to Expect… When Remodeling

If you are planning a remodeling project soon, the following expectations will help you plan for a smooth running project. The following advice was taken from an article by Seattle remodeler, Anne Higuera. To read the full article click here:

  1. Dust and Noise. There’s no way to avoid it, but there are ways to contain it. Putting up plastic or using a temporary wall to close off the construction area from the rest of the house will greatly reduce dust from spreading and temper the noise. And when it all gets on your nerves, go for a walk or a shopping trip to pick out some new accessories for your new space.
  2. Highs and Lows. Embrace the process and celebrate the joy – whether it’s seeing the old vinyl flooring removed or the installation of the glass tile you agonized over – be happy – your project is finally underway! However, if “remodeling fatigue” sets in because you simply want the project to be done, the workers gone, and your house returned to normal – hang in there and try to focus on how amazing your space will look when it’s all done.
  3. Unexpected Delays. Expecting the unexpected is certainly the adage for remodeling. Count on finding something no one could have anticipated in your budget and time frame, and be resilient when the schedule shifts a bit.
  4. Change Orders. Most often occur because of things that you decide to add or change outside of the original scope of the job. When you absolutely, positively have to make a change, your contractor will document it with a change order and adjust the cost.
  5. Cash Concerns. Sometimes costs increase, especially with change orders, which can cause your anxiety level to rise. Having cash on hand that’s a bare minimum of 10 percent above contract for contingencies will help alleviate that stress. Have 20 percent if you want to worry less.
  6. Outliers. At the end of your project, expect one or two punch-list items that will take longer to resolve than anything else. The important thing is to get the final details right, even if they take a little longer.