Would your group like to have a conversation?

Tomorrow I am speaking to the Holly Springs Rotary Club.  As a Rotarian myself, I am honored to give this presentation.  The talk will be about “Universal Design concepts used in the home” with regard to “aging in place”.  I have found that the whole institutional appearance of Universal Design (clinical type of setting – i.e. hospital) is a turn off for most (all) people.  There isn’t a reason in the world that your home has to look like an old folks home or a hospital if some modifications are needed.  Most of our vendors have dedicated portions of their offerings i.e. cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting,  and the like to this niche of the market.  The items offered today are absolutely beautiful.  I have included a few pictures so you can see for yourself.  If you have a need to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, why not include some of these items.  Even if you don’t need a grab bar right now, they also serve as towel bars now and just in case ……  Maybe Mom and Dad could use this too, just saying.

I would love to give this presentation to your group as well.  This is appropriate for church groups, civic organizations, and social clubs such as gardening groups.  The target audience is age 50 an over.  The younger members may have a parent who needs a safer home to live in longer or if the individual is older it may be them that could use some advice.  Call me to talk about the topic more to see if it is something appropriate for your organization.

For more information visit our C.A.P.S. page on the website.

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