You’re not going to believe who came to visit

For those of you who are past clients (of 2 or more years ago) Marcia, Derrick and I got a visit this week from Chris.  He was in town from Scotland while here doing white water kayaking in the mountains.  Great to see him, had a great time and a great dinner last night at the Peddler Steak House (wow what a meal) on Glenwood Avenue.  You should check it out.  Chris is doing very well and working with a trucking company shipping grocery & fresh food products to large restaurants, schools, hotels, prisons and the like.  He is in the logistics of dispatch and trucking.  He enjoys it and seems very happy.  The only thing that he doesn’t like is the weather in Scotland.  The high during the day in summer is in the mid to upper 60’s and buckets of rain.  He loved the 100 degree temps here during his stay.

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