Blue Ribbon’s having a contest

We’re going to try something here.  A few weeks ago I decided that our dumpsters were looking a little shabby and were all in need of new paint and signs just to spruce them up a little.  Well, here’s the deal, while I was working this morning (before the heat got too bad) that we should hold a contest to see who could get the closest to guessing how many hours it takes a Raleigh Remodeler to paint a dumpster.

1. Power wash dumpster complete inside and out
2. Chip, grind, sand and otherwise prepare the surfaces to be painted (inside and out but not the underside)
3. Spot prime all the rusty areas
4. Paint two coats of Rustoleum on everything
5. Clean up

What you need to do to enter: (copy and paste the urls below into your favorite browser)

Visit our Youtube Channel and “follow” us

Visit our Facebook page and “Like us”
Last visit our blog and become a follower .  When you are at the blog, comment to this blog entry and post how many hours you think it takes to paint a dumpster.

If you get your friends to play they can enter as well.  The winner gets a $50 gift card and honorable mention on our blog so you all can see who won.  I don’t know the actual number yet, because I haven’t finished the project.  I did a preliminary estimate of the hours and was not very good at anticipating either – I’m already over the estimate and still have to paint the inside two coats and the outside one coat.

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