Top 10 simple changes you can make……

Hi everyone,  As you probably know, we are a Certified Aging in Place Specialist company.  There are many small things you can do for your mom, dad, or even you to make your home safer and more convenient.  Below is a list of ideas.
1. Install a peep hole in the door for security.
2. Install motion detection lights around the home for security.
3. Install a shelf or place a table near the front door as a landing zone for packages while they get the keys out.
4. Install larger light bulbs around the home – older folks can’t see as well as they used to.
5. Install a “suction cup” or permanent grab bar in the bathroom (Moen makes one that works just in a Sheetrock wall) – bathrooms account for about 80% of all falls in the homes

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6. Install comfort height commodes or “riser” type of toilet seats.
7. Put a seat in a shower – there are many slip resistant types available.
8. Buy a long handled dust pan with a long handled small brush.
9. Buy a vacuum for each floor so no one has to carry it up or down the stairs.
10. Buy a chair that helps a person rise from the sitting position.

There is more information on our  website, click the title block to go there then click on the CAPS page.

One other important item is to put an ICE entry into their / your phone.  If you are hurt or in an accident first responders know to look for this entry to get emergency contact information if they / you can’t communicate.  DO THIS TODAY IT TAKES NO TIME AT ALL.

John Sperath

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