It’s that time of year again – Important message

From my days as a Volunteer Firefighter at the Apex Volunteer Fire Department – this was a live burn training fire where we burned down an old house and used it for practice.  Loved it.

Here I am on a Sunday getting ready to tackle some outdoor yard work but before I do that, I remembered that I forgot to send this out last night.

It’s that time of year again (it happens twice a year) where we either gain or loose an hour of daylight.  Well not really it just shifts forward and back which is Tom Foolery in reality but …..  Anyway, what is not Tom Foolery is that twice a year you should replace the batteries in your smoke alarms (all of them) and then test each.  Five minutes now that can buy you five minutes should your house catch fire (or you set an oven mitt on fire in the oven).  DON”T PUT IT OFF, IT”S IMPORTANT!

Did you also know that the new building code requires builders to install one in each bedroom, one outside the bedrooms and one on each floor including the crawl space AND they all have to be interlinked so that if one sounds, they all sound at the same time.  The code also now requires a Carbon Monoxide alarm.  A bit of a hassle but it could save your family’s life.

First Alert and others make sets that are hard wired as well as battery powered that wirelessly interlink.  They even have a Carbon Monoxide alarm that is interlinked.  A worthwhile investment starting under $100.  Click the title to go to the First Alert website.

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