Community Service Project day 4 & 5 photos uploaded to Picasa

Hi everyone, I have uploaded the photos of Day 4 & 5 of the Remodelers Council Community Service Project.  The project is moving quickly forward and is now in the drywall phase.  The cool thing is that Rachael and Chris’s parents are filtering information so they still do not have any idea the extent of the project.  The Associated Press has picked up the story and it has been seen on MSNBC, CNN, and on many other stations.  The N&O is pulling together an article along with NBC 17 & WRAL.  With all of the coverage, I sure hope it will still be a secret next Tuesday.  Be sure to tune in to the Today Show on NBC next Tuesday during the 8:00 hour to see the unveiling.  The photo below is the elevator shaft in the corner of the garage.  She will be entering from is side (the door by the ladders) and exiting on the opposite side on the first and second floor.

I have been so excited about this project that I have neglected to post pictures of our own clients’ projects.  I’ll be making the rounds to all of the jobs tomorrow to take some snaps and get busy with that.


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