Charleston Style Attic Progress

Looking toward the lake, windows still not here yet.

This hole (old attic stair) has been our only access since the project started.

If you can read between the lines this is the new bathroom.

Oh Yea, stairs

We’ll need to build a window seat to house the duct work under the window.

The attic project in Cary that is styled as a Charleston is well under way.  the mechanicals started this week and hopefully we’ll be through our inspections by week’s end.  Then on to insulation.  It looks like a mess in the photos but with everyone working in the small space it is a bit crowded.  The one milestone that the owner really appreciated this week is the stair installation, now she doesn’t have to climb a ladder to see the progress.  The project is turning into an absolute mint, you’ll see, I promise.

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