Won’t be long now, a very exciting project upcoming with an interesting story

We got this call several months ago from the director of Learning Services.  This is a rehab home for men with brain injuries (Gals, don’t think you can send your men there for the weekend, it’s not that kind of place).  They requested that we work with them to renovate the kitchen shown above because it was dated, very small, and not really appropriate for cooking 60 meals a day for the residents and staff.  These people have a place for men with industrial, auto, military, and sport injury victims.  The goal was to create a very usable space for meal preparation as well as a homey kitchen for the residents.  Please follow along over the next six weeks to see how this transformation happens.  This will be one of Blue Ribbon’s crowning moments when it is complete.  As always click on the title block to go to the Learning Services website to see their great work.

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