Hugely Ironic

Hi Gang, It’s been a few days since I updated you.  We have been working hard on two new projects that entered into design agreements last week.  Stay tuned for information about the new sun room conversion as well as the kitchen project in a group home.  Should both be very interesting projects.

The title block will take you to the Triumph Car Club of the Carolinas website – they have one of those too.

On another note.  Back in May a friend and sales person from one of our favorite suppliers invited me to a British Car Show being held in the North Hills Shopping Center parking lot.  You might remember some of the photos.  Well, we get this call on Monday from a lady and her husband who want to add on to their home here in Raleigh.  We talk at length about her project and arrange an appointment (tomorrow afternoon).  I give her the usual homework, visit the website and blog.  After her visit to the blog she notices the pictures of the car show.  One of the cars that I loved wasn’t in the group of photos posted but it turns out that it is her and her husband’s car.  How ironic that two months ago I took pictures of her car and now we will be meeting.  Look in the mirror of the picture below.  The model is the same car but in miniature.

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