Can’t quite visualize your new room?

FINISHED ROOM: top photo
ROOM RENDERING: bottom photo
You have recommendations to restage the room, paint the walls, buy some new furniture or add some window treatments … but you’re still unsure how the final room will look and just can’t seem to visualize it? Kathy Gariboldi of reInventedSpaces LLC utilizes interior design software to create 3D room renderings so that you “walk through” your new room, BEFORE anything is actually changed. The rooms are created using actual dimensions of the furnishings as well as room size, windows, doors and doorways. The drawing is then embellished with fabrics, color and finishes to represent the overall design scheme & color palette. Clients are thrilled with this process! Kathy’s advice: “Planning is key to any successful room makeover. Size and color are two of the major components, and this software program helps my clients visualize their space so that we make the right selections the FIRST time.”

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