We passed

The inspector for the certification company arrived right on time and after an hour on the job found a blue wire that was not labled by the manufacturer. After a call to the distributor, it was determined that the whirlpool pump was not 110 volt but 220. HUGE difference!!!! The distributor just brushed it off as a mistake that the wire wasn’t marked properly. While the pump would still have worked the pump motor would have burned out pre-maturely. We’re glad that it is now fixed and we have passed this phase of the final inspections. The Town of Cary gets their second go at it tomorrow and if everything goes as planned, we’ll finish this project on Monday with the final building inspection and final paint touch up. Final photos will likely happen next Friday, stay tuned. Be careful with any Internet purchase and avoid Aquapeutics bath fixtures unless you want to be out $1000.

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