Buyer BeVERYware

The Cary attic project with the space ship bathing unit (whirlpool / steam shower with TV & Internet) has hit a snag. As it turns out, the unit is not Underwriters Laboratories Certified. The National Electric Code requires that appliances such as this are certified. Now, the only solution is a very expensive “field certification” performed by a certification engineering firm. The ONLY saving grace is that there is a firm located in Morrisville so the travel expense is very small but the charge is still approaching a grand. And that is assuming that it passes on the first go. The manufacturer / dealer is accepting absolutely no responsibility even though all of their literature and their website says nothing about not being certified for installation anywhere in the USA. The more imported Internet junk I encounter the more angry I get. Every time it costs us and the client more and it sure takes the shine off the steam shower.
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