An interesting thing happened the other day ….

Last Friday a nice gent came into the office. We thought he was a door to door sales person. When he began speaking come to find out that 10 years ago, I met him at his condo in Cary and gave him an estimate for a screened porch overlooking the golf course in Preston. Well he never did the project, moved out and rented the condo, bought a house in N. Raleigh with his wife, downsized, sold the house in N. Raleigh, moved back to the condo in Preston and now wants a sun room to make the condo just a little bit bigger. When he and his wife were talking about the remodel, he went to the garage and low and behold he found the folder I gave him with all the information. The information was missing but he managed to track us down through two name change, four phone number changes, three physical location changes. That’s dedication to a cause. We scheduled a meeting for next week to look over his new project. Does that count for a “loyal customer” discount?
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