Cary Bathroom tile, actually back splash tile

Hi gang, for those who are past customers, do you ever recall me telling you that we aren’t perfect in what we do, but if we make a mistake we’ll stop, tear it out and do it right? Well, it has happened. A miscommunication happened with the bathroom floor tile. I thought every one knew that the tile was supposed to be installed on a diagonal. Do you know what happens when you assume ….. , ah, yes we all do. Well the one person who especially should have been told, wasn’t brought up to full speed and like the good tile guy that he is, he installed the floor the way he would have done it for himself. While I laud him for making a decision, we should have made sure that he knew for certain. The kitchen tile back splash that he did first is perfect but we had to order more tile for the bath floor. It should all be fixed by Friday and we should be moving toward finishes. Sorry MJ.

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