Lets talk Universal Design and C.A.P.S.

C.A.P.S. stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist (which I am). The concept takes Universal Design which can be very institutional and blends it with life style and residential applications. The application of the principals of C.A.P.S. makes any space more user friendly for people who may have or are getting less mobile because of age. We all can learn from the applications and should because whether we like it or not, we’ll bet there sooner or later. (I began getting notices from Social Security about 12 years ago, quite disappointing.) But anyway, there are about 100 simple and cost effective ways to make the home better. A short list follows:

1. Add security lighting around the outside.
2. Add a peep hole or a lower peep hole for short people so they can see who rang.
3. Add ceiling recessed cans in each corner of a room to increase lighting and lessen shadows.
4. Install lever door handles instead of standard knobs.
5. Add a shelf outside the front door to set packages on while you dig out your keys.
6. Add about 150 more ideas and you’ll have a complete list (for now)

If you have seniors living with you or you are heaven forbid approaching senior hood call me so we can talk about easy ways to help. It can be a tricky discussion but it will be so so worth it. Like the commercial says, You’ll be so glad you did.

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