Hiring a new home builder for a remodel project

Hi everyone, please tell your friends who may be considering doing a remodel project. It is becoming increasingly clear that the new home builders are dabbling in the remodeling industry. This is highly dangerous to the success of your project. For the most part they are great people and great companies and I have many friends who build new. What some of them don’t understand is that remodeling is vastly different from new home construction in many aspects and because of that it must be managed and priced differently. Some examples are outlined below. If any of your friends would like a white paper on this topic have them contact me and I’ll be glad to send it their way.

  1. There are people, young and old and just regular folks living in your construction site – their safety and security is priority #1.
  2. Cleanliness is hugely important especially on a daily basis, during very dusty times and if there are people who may have allergies.
  3. DON’T let the dog out – did they consider that?
  4. Many people who work on new construction sites would not be allowed to work INSIDE my house – how about you?
  5. What time to knock off the job – some new home crews work well into the evening.
  6. How secure is your home while you are not there if 30-50 un-screened people are participating in your project?
  7. Now where did that house key go? – Is there a process for home security?
  8. You mean you want every little detail in the scope of work?????? We just don’t do that with a new home contract, I can’t understand why ………
  9. We’re only a month or two late with our schedule, I can’t understand why you are upset.
  10. You wanted a cheap price so I hired a cheap painter, his work looks fine, really.

There are so many more that I could list. In reality if you want your car worked on professionally, you don’t take it to a baker. The same holds true for your remodel project – although the new home contractor’s price may look very attractive you will be paying a steeper price in the long run if you let him / her work on your remodeling project. It’s your house – you decide.

Thank for forwarding this to your friends. The title block will link you to an article on the National Association for the Remodeling Industry’s web site with an article on this very topic.

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