Chris our very own production coordinator

Those of you who have gotten to know Chris (and appreciate all that he does) will be as sad as I am to hear that he is leaving Blue Ribbon. No not to take another job or start his own company but to go back to Scotland (of all things). He and his wife have been here since September 2006 and he has worked with Blue Ribbon since arriving. As with most far away places there is a huge influence of home sickness and missing family and friends. He has contributed so much to the company, the team and the camaraderie within our small group he will be greatly missed. I know that each of you who have had the privilege to work with him also appreciate what he has contributed to your projects. We wish him well in all that he will be doing in his Motherland. If he ever decides to come back over the pond he will always have a place in Blue Ribbon (even if I have to kick someone out – I do have a spare bedroom).
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