Apex Siding Repair Project

Well Sue-Lynn and David’s house is just about whole again. The painter found an additional window that was badly rotted so we measured and ordered a new replacement. It finally arrived and when Chris and Mark went to install it Murphy’s Law prevailed. It was much more than a rotted window. The water intrusion extended into the wall framing along side of the window and into the undersill that supports the window. No one ever saw the damage because the window was up high in the two story vestibule. After replacing half the wall framing and sill and resupporting the window header the guys installed new insulation, wall sheathing and finally the window and siding around the window. Since the termite company told them that there would be a 6-8 week delay in repairing the damage we were asked to do that as well so the painter can get the house preped and caulked with two fresh coats of house paint. Won’t be long now guys.
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