A new surprise every day

Our new kitchen / previous customer Jim shared with me today that he trashed his race car this past weekend. I was very glad to hear that he was ok and that only his ego was injured. I knew he raced his car because on the last job we had to make sure that there were no stray nails left in his driveway as the racing tires he uses are very expensive and at speed you can’t have a patched tire on the vehicle. If you click on the title block you can go to his blog, see his car before and after as well as a video of him driving. Pretty exciting stuff. He’ll be back on the track as soon as the repairs are made but it will be a dissapointing spring for him as he watches his pals. I also have been invited to go to the VIRgina track this weekend by a sales vendor who is also on a racing team for vintage cars. another cool sport. I will be going up on Saturday for a few hours with my camera to see what I can get.

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